A Wintry Walk

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Took a walk today to enjoy the last bits of winter. Dowdy colors and bare branches were everywhere in Berlin.

While indoors, I discovered a few new websites.

Minna May


A Seattle based graphic designer chronicles her journeys (recently to San Francisco) in a series of beautiful photos. Minna's minimal aesthetic is found through some of the work she showcases on her blog. Although I'm not a fan of "inspirational quotes", Minna varies the way she plays with the font and she adds mini illustrations to make them quite interesting (certainly pleasing) to look at.

Bell and Smokey


UK based blogger Laurie Prescott provides recommendations for fashion and travel. Her preference for immaculate clean colors and silhouettes shows up in the selections she features. Her outfit photos include a glimpse of life in Birmingham, UK. You can get a sense of the architecture from the background of her shots. Perhaps she wasn't focused on such details, but I'm always surprised the images that show up when someone takes a photo of their normal everyday surroundings (it may not be anything interest to them, but for people around the world, such details are very interesting).

From My Dining Table by Skye McAlpine


Skye McAlpine is an English woman living in Venice. She cooks up and serves the most decadent plates of food. It's really a fantasy viewing her blog. Dinner parties are held in centuries old palazzos, the wandering streets and canals are captured and revealed as corners of her storybook lifestyle. Every bit of her blog is enticing to the senses.

A Wintry Walk photographed in Berlin by Tforia on March 5,2015.



Chunky Porcelain and Tea

Previous / Next 1 of 3 Paper and Tea’s concept store in Charlottenburg is located on an eclectic residential corner. Directly off a busy street, the area has an array of interesting shopping choices, from artistic jewelry to cozy cafes and restaurants. I had never been in the area and was wandering around one weekend back in December when the shop had caught my eye. Thick handmade artisanal porcelain cups were on display in the front window.


Salon Decor

Epically glorious. The Landing Place, 1778 by Hubert Robert. I’ve visited the Art Institute of Chicago on numerous occasions. For years I lived close by and it would be a place I’d step into on a calm afternoon. Sometimes I went to simply stroll around and relax. My visits were usually unplanned. From my frequent wanderings, I became familiar with many peculiar paintings in the permanent collection. In one of the larger galleries, there hangs four oversized paintings by Hubert Robert.

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