Yuki Masuzumi

— Decorative arts of India

"I want to become a bridge between India and the rest of the world."

Local architecture goes unnoticed. Even if the shapes and patterns are unlike anywhere else in the world, natives of any location don't take notice at how special their surroundings can be.

I've been admiring the photos captured by Yuki Masuzumi. Originally from Japan, Yuki has a perspective that allows her to notice the quirky and beautiful details of daily life in India. She's been there for over a decade, but the place never gets old.

"I work for fashion industry since 1999 and moved to India in 2007. Earlier I used to work for Japanese trading company in Delhi."

"I was core member of Calico for the last four years but I left that company then started my own business this year. I coordinate product design and manufacturing of garments between Japanese designers/apparel companies and Indian artisans."

Yuki introduced me to Calico, a Japanese label that creates beautiful clothes made from Khadi, the traditional Indian cotton cloth. I wish my entire wardrobe was made of it. I once bought a white Khadi cotton dress and ended up wearing it for the following eight summers. It finally tore. The cloth is so light and it was the only thing that kept me cool in the summer.

"My mother is a professional dressmaker and had her own label. I started posting photos because I want share with my friends who never know real life in India."

Yuki's intention, to share life in India to people who will never know what it's like, has been achieved in a way that delights people beyond her friends. Her collection of images are rare glimpses of everyday life. For people who enjoy variety, differences in style and culture, Yuki's snapshots are one the few places where we can actually observe the unique beauty of a far off place.

View Yuki's daily images at @yuki_masuzumi.



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