Palazzo del Grillo

— A peachy corner

The Palazzo del Grillo (Palazzo Robilant) on the left is a 17th century baroque palazzo attached to a 13th century medieval tower

When my husband and I went to Rome (a while ago), we didn't have a plan as to what to see. We wandered the streets and that provided plenty of entertainment. On one day, whichever direction we wandered, we were to lead to the same corner.

The Piazza del Grillo had this warm gold color with orange peeping out. Like a ripe peach. I didn't mind coming across it again and again. When I tried to take a photo, none of my shots could capture anything close to how I was seeing it. I felt mute, not being able to capture and transmit something I experienced.

Hitting a wall of color

The confrontation with color is something better captured through drawing. Today, I used some inks to re-create the experience. Photos can only describe so much.



Once a Year Tradition

For the past 3 years


Playing the Lotto

A vivid memory of being four

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