Himalyan Salt Eyewash

— Curing myself

A new recipe I found on google

Tired of waking up and having my eyes red and inflamed, I took a coarse piece of Himalayan sea salt this morning, mixed it in a water puddle I formed in my palm and washed my eye. It worked better than the eye drops I'd been using. It was faster at relieving me than my allergy medication.

Why did I bother with the eye drops and pills? I really don't know what's in them. But salt and water? It's so simple. They're honest materials that I understand.

The only reason I tried this was because I ran out of eye drops.

Are there ways to use home ingredients to make myself better? That sounds crazy but exciting. Maybe there's a way to take care of myself without having to wait hours in line for the doctor, without visiting the pharmacy.

I wasn't sure if putting sea salt into my eye was healthy so I googled it. There was even a 'recipe' for Himalayan eye wash. I made a bottle of it this morning.

What else can I make at home that might drastically improve my life?



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