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Always adding to my endless list of bookmarks, I came across another amazing ceramicist and an eclectic Swedish home shop.

Ceramicist Eric Bonin developed a mug that's inspired by the shape of the tin cup used in camping. I'm impressed at the work he's done on the mugs sold at Spartan shop. His signature handle is featured along with an uneven white glaze. The colors remind me of something I'd find in the winter, walking outside to find rusty tools, or wood bark slightly covered under a dusting of snow.

Butik Lanthandeln is a Swedish home design shop. They have lots of Swedish antique looking furniture that come in grays and natural colors. I enjoyed browsing their selection of textiles, some derived from Indian prints.

Lois Hazel is a fashion designer based in Australia. She designs her own collection of comfy wide pants, peplum tops and drop-waist dresses. I love how her collection is made from natural materials but the designs don't look like a typical 'natural clothing' line. There's a lot of texture and layering, especially in my favorite piece: the silk organza trench coat.



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