Wild Wild West

— a place designed for people to get out

My husband and I live in an apartment in an area with a ton of apartment complexes. We’re located near the center of the town where there are shops and restaurants for us to walk to.

The place is impersonal. There are new apartment buildings coming up on every block. The newest ones look ‘hip’ with floor to ceiling glass, but they seem out of place. Located across a early 2000’s strip mall, the location is the last place to be hip or modern.

Everyone is getting started, everyone’s looking to leave.

There’s a mall in the center with Victoria’s Secret and Claire’s.

It seems demoralizing. But to me, it’s like I showed up in a frontier development–in the wild wild west.

People traveled thousands of miles to be here to start their lives. There are many couples our age and many immigrant families. I would never have thought this is where people like me go after living in the city. There’s not much talk about this stage of life (probably because it’s not glamorous).

The place is no where near the life I envision. It provides just enough. Like a frontier town, there are provisions (Costco), there are opportunities–perhaps not a gold rush, but many schemes to strike it rich. It’s not uncommon to hear a conversation about a tech startup.

‘How did I end up here? How could I stand such a place?’ I’ve asked myself so many times unclear how okay the place seems yet, in principle, it’s nothing I would ever want.

The only thing that makes sense is to see the place as the wild wild west.



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