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I wish I could have a slice of wedding cake. No, I don’t want a slice of regular cake, I want to have cake that came from an insanely grand, three tiered, festive and fancy cake.

My husband and I passed a bakery on our walk today. There was a huge photo of a wedding cake, but there were none for sale in the shop.

I wanted a slice of the cake in the picture. It was multiple tiered, there was gold, flowers, the frosting looked delicious.

Of course they don’t have wedding cake available. But I wish there was a place to walk in and have a slice of wedding cake anytime. The place I imagine would have an assortment of cakes recreated from real life weddings. Some famous, like Prince Harry’s lemon and elderflower cake, or recreated from weddings that happened to normal people in real life.

The walls would be decorated with wedding photos and there would be albums to browse. At the end the album you can read whether the couple made it or if they’re in the process of divorce. I can see how much fun it could be to take bets on whether the couple made it before the end of the album.

I guess this could only happen in a ‘perfect’ world, where everything is possible.



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