Ways to Say

— trouble speaking

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I have a terrible time communicating through visuals. It’s incredibly difficult to convey ideas through pictures and drawings. I just don’t understand how it works.

I know enough to know I’m not getting it. How does one learn? It doesn’t seem as straightforward as other skills, like computer programming or cooking.

There’s a place to take art classes nearby. Studios like these often show examples of ‘good art’. The trees look like trees, the animals look realistic. But the works don’t convey much feeling, they don’t say anything different than most art that aims to be accurate.

Are there art classes where it’s about mood and meaning? Less about realistic accuracy but more about expression? It could be a dot on a solid background, but where the dot is placed is what is important. Or how lines are drawn. Ways to say something outside of words.

Maybe such information is not for people in the introductory phases?




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