— morning doodles

Played with some watercolors.

I really like painting but I don't usually have anything to paint. I like spreading color on paper. That's probably why I enjoy cooking so much. There's a lot of spreading and shaping that occurs. Recently I 'painted' bright red sauce over pizza dough.

Yesterday morning I found simple compositions on Instagram and sketched them out. The table with coffee was found at Pasticceria Marchesi, a cafe in Milan that opened in 1824. It had an ultra deluxe logo with a crown. The flowers were found at Violet, the bakery in East London. I didn't like the perspective it was shot and tried to imagine what the vase would look like if I were looking at it directly from the front. The table made of wooden planks was made up.

Usually I mention how I'm a beginner and how my art isn't good at all--I feel like that's mandatory whenever presenting anything drawn by hand. I have a fear that people might think I consider myself an artist, comparable to those who have a higher level of technique. I wonder why I care so much? Just because someone says they're an artist doesn't automatically mean they're arrogant. It doesn't necessarily mean that they think their work is great. It might just mean they're having fun.



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