Wallace Lake Picnic

— maybe the last time


My friend was visiting this weekend so my husband and I took him to Wallace Falls.

I thought it’d be an impressive hike because it has both water and woods. Wandering through the forests, the sound of water was present from the falls and the creek.

“In Chile, we’ve got a lot of these.”

He wasn’t impressed by the falls as much as the trees. I’ve grown tired of the falls–it’s no longer as impressive as it used to be.

In Washington, there are plenty of trails without many people. When hiking, you’d rather see people once in a while. On this hike, however, we were around the same groups, they’d pass us or we’d pass them every ten minutes. It was not the experience you want when hiking.

At the top of the falls, we took another trail to Wallace Lake, a lake on top of the mountains. No other hikers were on this trail. On the way there, my husband spotted the poop of a carnivorous animal and I started getting scared thinking there was a cougar or bear observing us through the trees.

what fear looks like: this is the part of the hike I started getting scared–tried so hard not to be but I couldn’t help it

Luckily, we didn’t get attacked and made it to the lake. We had a picnic next to the water. I was excited because I visited this lake in the winter and there was too much snow at the time to explore. I hadn’t visited since.

Although the view was amazing, once the sun came through the clouds, a ton of mosquitoes came out. I don’t think the lake water gets much movement.

wallace lake washington

It is unlikely we’ll visit anytime soon due to the number of people. There’s a limit to the parking. If we do come, we’ll take the railroad grade up the Greg Ball trail to the top and hike over to Jay Lake, the smaller lake adjacent to Wallace Lake.

Photos by José Albornoz.



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