Viewer Discretion

— living The Shining everyday

I’ve started to realize my ability to ignore is the key to survival.

Last week, I watched The Shining. I couldn’t believe how relatable the story was with my life. You’re walking around a boring looking corner and a flash of freakiness shows up.

I often try to have a normal day, a normal second, but my mind often flashes with things that cause me extreme anxiety. It can be thoughts on how others perceive me, it can be a distorted memory, my mind can interpret others’ behavior as intentionally causing me harm…these flashes of thoughts cause extreme anxiety.

‘Viewer discretion is advised’

If they’re putting this warning on videos, a milder form of an experience compared to life, they should put this warning in the hospital as the first thing you see when you come out. Life can be traumatic and it’s not what I see, it’s what could pop up in my head.

Sometimes, my thoughts can be twisted, similar to when Wendy, in the Shining, starts freaking out when she sees a guy dressed as a bunny on a bed with another guy.

But I found relief in Danny’s imaginary friend. It’s not real, they’re just scary images. Just ignore them.



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