— An interesting paradigm

Seeing through the chaos... in Prague

When I was going to college, people made fun of students who studied human development, philosophy, anthropology and art. But now, everyone who got a practical degree, business or economics, are the joke.

I heard somewhere that those coming out of school unemployed are more often those who studied business. I don't know if this is actually true, but if it is, it's the opposite of a self fulfilling prophecy.

The business and economics students I went to school with were less worried about job prospects because it was assumed that the area of study would lead to money. And all of them are doing more than fine. But an increase in the number of students who study business year after year, limits the number of opportunities. Jobs didn't grow proportionally.

When 'good advice' is followed by the masses, it becomes impractical. Good advice is only good if the majority is not ready to do it. If everyone is doing it, the advantages that made the advice attractive, are no longer there.



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