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wooden chairs identical but with slight differences

When I saw the title to Three Identical Strangers the movie, I assumed the story was about three people who looked alike and were complete strangers.

Haven’t you been mistaken for someone else? The last time that happened, I was walking by the canal and a guy in a boat followed me. He was sure I was someone I wasn’t and I had to stop and explain that I was not the person he thought I was.

While in Berlin, I saw an exact copy of my friend. But this friend never stepped foot in Germany.

Wouldn’t a movie about three look-alike strangers be so amazing?

The movie, Three Identical Strangers, is about triplets who were separated at birth. It wasn’t what I expected. Although they’re identical triplets, they all look slightly different in the same way three strangers, who look strikingly similar, look slightly different.

Could you imagine a story about three unrelated strangers?

Let’s look at the parents of the three strangers who are unrelated. How did they get their looks? Maybe they have overlapping lifestyle preferences that affect appearances? Do they have the same level of self esteem? Let’s look up their family trees…

I don’t particularly like it when people think I look like someone else. There was one girl in college that everyone said ‘looked’ like me.

Unfortunately, getting a person on board to such a movie would mean they’d acknowledge that potentially, they’re un-unique. It hurts the ego.

But that’s what makes the story so interesting. Maybe there’s a chance we are all un-unique.




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