Too High

— Maintaining a false reality

Above the clouds in the Flatiron District

Freak shows are inhumane. Whenever I see a roadside attraction (snake girls), I get angry thinking how evil they are. Yet, I partake in a similar form of entertainment.

What is the real drama of the real housewives? I watch Beverly Hills and New York. It's a strange delight to see faces transformed from scene to scene.

In each episode, a gravity machine switches on and off. All the women look okay in a single moment, but then, in the next, someone will have their eyes stretched past her forehead and a few others have their lips drooping past their chin.

It's an acrobatic act like Cirque du Soleil. My enjoyment is cruel, despite how much money these women have.

The premise of the show is to demonstrate how much of a hell life can be despite having resources.

The popularity of the show has to do with how the storylines fit expectations. These women don't really have homes that are that extravagant. A room is just a room, even if it is in an expensive neighborhood. Many of the scenes look as if they could be shot in suburban homes.

There's a perverted delight in knowing that the characters are going through divorce, loneliness, feeling disliked and unpopular. It feels as if justice is served. These women have so much that seeing them suffer gives commoners a sense that things are balanced in the world. That's the escapism.

'Does she not know that those fake eyelashes look as if she's wearing eyebrows for lashes?'

Should I fall for such a mechanism? The tragic part of the story is that while I am enjoying the freak show, I'm reinforcing the belief that there needs to be justice in the world.

I think I'd be too out of touch with reality if I held the world to such high expectations. This reality show promotes an unreality where people get what YOU think they 'deserve'.

I could never figure out how watching these shows were specifically unhealthy, but now I see how similar it is to junk food: incrementally toxic.



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