Tiramisu Trouble

— when you find yourself in the hole

Armagnac, Amaretto, full bottles. 4 tubs of Mascarpone. Two bags of ‘made in Italy’ ladyfingers. A vanilla bean pod. Heavy cream and one bar of dark chocolate.

Once you get the ingredients for tiramisu–there’s no turning back. $70 spent on materials.

Each time I procured an ingredient, I became less sure.

“Should I be making such a fatty dessert? I almost had a heart attack from eating three croissants yesterday. It says 8-10 servings. Who is going to eat this?! 4 tubs of Mascarpone!”

A few days ago, I found that any amount of caffeine was affecting my sleep. I’ve been trying to stay off coffee, however, the tiramisu ingredient procurement began way before.

What am I going to do? Halve the recipe? What about the remaining ingredients? $70 is a lot more than I wanted to spend. You could pay someone to make this.

Unfortunately…all there is to do is to make tiramisu and eat it.

Deal with it tomorrow.



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