Time As a Huge Blob

— Never ending fascination with space

I saw a headline this morning about a supernova explosion that happened 6000 years ago. Hearing about stars millions of light years away, I couldn’t stop thinking about the photons traveling to Earth.

NASA telescopes are always picking up light from stars that have exploded and died. The photons that reach Earth don’t degrade, they don’t age or deteriorate, although the source has disappeared.

I see these photons as parts of a star that’s no longer there. Actually, they are the image of the star, the shape and form of the ball of gas travels through space to reach our eyes.

We see it but it’s not there. We’re looking at the past, but we can only see it because its particles reached us in the present.

Thinking about photons, I feel silly separating the past from the present. The past exists in the present. I can’t help but think how time should be treated as one blob.

It’s easier to think about the arbitrary demarcation of time than to live believing that time is a blob with past, present and future fully intertwined.



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