The Nonsense of Sense

— Being okay with not knowing

A few ideas that bubbled up today...

My dad is into Chinese astrology so earlier this year, he was told that he'd have a terrible year with lots of problems. As long as he overcame the problems, everything would go well.

That seems to make sense, solve your problems and things go well. Except, the same sort of prophecy has happened before multiple times in years past. Solving problems never got him 'life changingly' far. It seems to get him in line for more problems.

If I ask him, he'd describe the situation like climbing up the mountain. Each time, he faces new challenges, everything is headed upwards towards the pinnacle rather than a cyclical rat race. If I did really ask him, he'd turn the whole thing on me saying how I benefited even if the strategy may not have been optimal.

I used to be bothered when people didn't make sense. 'Don't you see! What you're feeling or thinking is not right!' I have no clue why I had so much interest in 'correcting' people. Wouldn't I have benefited more from looking at my own inconsistencies?

How far I've come in being able to let something that 'didn't make sense' go! It's worthy of an anniversary. Around 2012, I started to realize for the first time: no one is suppose to make any sense. And suddenly, my life became significantly better.

The mind can go all sorts of ways in justifying something. It's easy to make sense of anything. But I wish they had told me no one made sense back in kindergarten.

Things that make sense had control over me. As a five year old, when my skin near my nails peeled and started to bleed, my mom explained it was because I didn't eat enough broccoli. That made sense, because broccoli is 'healthy'. I settled with these facts and ate more broccoli. When I didn't know what to study in college, I chose economics. That made sense because the school I went to was known for economics. Using ideas that make sense works well: I'll believe you, trust you, do whatever you say--even stop asking questions--as long as you make sense.

Things that don't make sense require a leap of faith, but it's possible something that makes no sense has the same chances for a good outcome as the things that make sense.



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