The New Adults

— Remember being dragged to boring places as a child?

I remember my parents dragging me to different places as a child. Grocery stores, McDonald’s, Burger King, garage sales. The only place I enjoyed was the theater and the mall. In elementary school, I thought adults were wack.

‘Why are they excited about the most boring things?’ Now I understand that the conveniences brought to them via malls and Costcos weren’t always there. The grocery stores and malls delivered better options than what they grew up with.

As I’m approaching the same age, I’m wondering about children today. Are they tired of coffee shops and brunch places? Because coffee and brunch are two things that have undergone an astronomical improvement in my lifetime. After years of eating Costco bagels and pastries, I’m enjoying sourdough bread with my gourmet coffee over breakfast.

The new generation must be wondering why adults are so into places that look similar. Lofty interiors, subway tiles, wood surfaces, handmade everything…Why are these older people so into hand forged, artisanal? Haven’t they had enough romanticizing traditional methods of food and beverage prep?

‘Can I just have plain, un-special coffee? No more artisanal, no more craft–just give me something indistinguishable, with no identifiable flavor notes?’

I imagine the adults of the future requesting something different. At times, I’m starting to crave the same.



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