The Best T-Shirt

— Where can I find this?

Talking about clothing that should be more available

My husband was annoyed that I got tomato on the shirt from his first motorcycle rally. A little because it's memorabilia, but more because I look like a slob with a tomato stain.

I can't read him at times. Does he care about looks? His closet is full of black t-shirts, many are corporate shirts he got for free at conferences.

I just assumed it wouldn't matter. He doesn't do much before heading to work each morning. Why would he care if there was a stain on my shirt?

As much as I wanted to keep this shirt on, I couldn't. He wouldn't leave the house with me. I had to change.

It's an incredible shirt.

I've listened to the Start Up podcast with Dov Charney of American Apparel. It's true. They don't make t-shirts like they used to. This particular shirt was printed in 2004.




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