Taste Palettes

— how can anyone tell you how something tastes?

My mom gave her friends a sample of her homemade kombucha. Some thought it was incredibly sour, some thought it was super sweet. She noticed how people have different flavor palettes.

I’ve been thinking how I get so affected by certain situations for no reason. I can’t rationalize why I get so upset or uncomfortable at times but it’s clear there are social situations I’m more sensitive to than others. I’m sure others are sensitive to situations I don’t feel don’t notice, feel anything for.

It’s not about empathy in cutting others slack for their inability to handle a situation. It’s more that I’m starting to understand that people have different tolerance for different situations because they’ve been exposed to different things. Everyone’s taste palettes are different.



Galactic Rocks

outer space on a river


Not Accomplishing Much

am I just sustaining myself or am I living a dream come true?

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