Sustainable Fitness

— Multiple birds with one stone

Someone's got to work this off... fatty and delicious, a brioche to start out my sedentary day.

I was hanging the laundry today when my arms got tired. Is there a way to keep fit from household chores?

There are a ton of physical activities related to the home. Whether its preparing food, fixing furnishings or cleaning, chores are part of a more active lifestyle.

I don't do laundry as much as I should. I wish I cooked more, but I'm often too lazy to peel a potato.

If I consider these tasks as going to the gym, perhaps I would be more motivated.

'Here's your chance! To get some physical activity!'

I'm not just preparing dinner, I'm peeling the potato because my grip needs strengthening. Wiping the windows becomes an activity about my arm strength. I work on the computer all day so any activity, no matter how small, makes a huge difference.

Back in the day, when people worked on farms, they suffered from over activity. However, there were less issues related to sedentary living. Maybe there's a balance that doesn't overextend?

When I used to go to the gym, it would take time to pack and then I had to transport myself there and back. After all the time and energy spent in getting a workout, I'd come home to a messy place.

Maybe there will be a physician who'll come up with a similar fitness plan. But it's probably not as lucrative as current gyms, a communal space that provides a reason to buy and wear cute outfits. Gyms already accomplish multiple things at once: a place to keep fit but also see and be seen.

It's obvious which activities are more important. Who necessarily needs their windows cleaned?



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