Surrounded by Monday Blues

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I wonder if there will be a day when I can buy products from by people who actually enjoyed making them. I met someone who needed to make a custom pair of pants. She found a lady on Etsy who knew how to sew. The lady on Etsy charged below rate because she felt she was getting a deal--the opportunity to make something.

Everyone's on digital devices these days so I can see how tactile work is becoming valued as a leisure activity. There are people who are willing to make things for fun. There are people looking forward to putting in manual labor.

Most of the products I own are mass produced. They're affordable and since I can't afford much, I have to buy things that are mass produced. Made over millions of times, I can't imagine workers waking up in the morning and feeling excited about work. My curtains, lamps and clothing are fully infused with 'Monday blues'. Not a single maker really cared whether they were made.

It feels bad to be surrounded by so many objects that were made with out an ounce of desire by the person making them. If there's demand for milk from happy cows, shouldn't there be demand for products by happy people?

I'm doubtful cows, happy or not, would want to be milked. But from happy cow advertisements, where cows frolic in sunny open fields, the idea that's attractive is the cows are living a satisfying lifestyle. Can't we have people who incidentally produce products while frolicking through life?

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