Suppose to Happen

— Signs from the universe that I'm missing the point

Things that 'aren't suppose to happen' have suddenly become things that 'are suppose to happen'.

Thinking in my new way, from the perspective that we are all here to serve anything but ourselves, the world started to make sense.

I was outdoors this weekend and accumulated a ton of mosquito bites. Bug bites are something I try to avoid. "I shouldn't have to feel itchy! What if I get some sort of disease?" These questions are relevant only in a world where I exist purely for me.

"I should make every effort to make myself comfortable and healthy, I need to protect me from things like mosquito bites. I should not be taken advantage of. In fact, the only reason I'm here is to take advantage of what the world has to offer."

I allowed these thoughts to take a break this weekend and let the mosquitoes bite. Actually I couldn't stop them. But I didn't complain. It's what happens when I'm outdoors. I started to see that these bites are suppose to happen.

Perhaps I exist for mosquitoes to bite. It happens and the universe allowed for it. Despite signs like these, I never took a hint.

I woke up this morning because a neighbor started cleaning a surface of some sort in the courtyard. The sound was loud. I was pissed. I heard another neighbor complain shouting from a window above. Whether it's an inconvenience to me or other neighbors, that isn't the point. I was already awake and that moment of sound had past. The universe allowed for it without having concern whether it was right or wrong.

It's not the first morning that awoke to sound from a noisy neighbor. It's not the last. Strangely I'm still focused on how wrong they're done me, still expecting that it's not suppose to be.



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