Stay with Me

— when you lose your ability to couchsurf

“You think I can stay for a week?”

“Sure. Let me know when.”

“Booked my tickets. I’m coming ___”

When was the last time you stayed with a friend? The last time for me was at the end of my 20s. At the time, there was so much energy for travel and meeting with friends.

Then, the ability to sleep on couches, lay under borrowed blankets and soundlessly sleep in shared areas disappeared overnight.

It made economical sense back in the day. Go on a trip. Save money and stay with a welcoming friend. They’d host you and in exchange, you’d host them.

In addition to the money saving vacation, you’d get to catch up on gossip with someone you’re fond of.

Now, I don’t even want to travel let alone stay in another person’s place.

However, I love it when friends visit. I don’t mind sharing my own place–as long as I don’t have to leave. The give and take, I’ll host you and you host me economics, no longer makes sense.

I’d rather host if you don’t make it necessary for me to be hosted by you. Stay with me and catch me up on all the gossip.

The gossip was of secondary value before.

At the eve of this change, I couldn’t have anticipated its coming. The last few years of traveling and visiting friends were so enjoyable.

Then my home became extremely comfortable. I never want to leave.



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