Spring Cleaning

— Health advice that might have backfired

Velvety buds I spotted yesterday

Today, I cleaned my bedroom for the first time in a long while.

I'm allergic to my home. I can't figure out what I'm allergic to, but since October, my eyes have been itchy. When we left for the states, I stopped having allergies. Now we're back and every morning I wake up with itchy eyes.

While cleaning, I pulled out some old books that I picked up from the street. Maybe there's something dirty, although I've had them for a while. They should be harmless but I put them in the hall to give away.

While wiping all the surfaces, I started thinking: maybe it's the detergent?

In October, I decided to switch our detergent. We were using one of the most well known brands, a brand that seems like it'd be owned by a multi-national conglomerate. We switched to using a smaller brand that sells itself as ecologically conscious, more hypo allergenic. It's even got a frog for a logo.

I thought the switch would lessen potentially harmful chemicals at home, but that's exactly when my allergies started.

Last moment to catch wintery plants

This afternoon, I got some of that global conglomerate detergent and I washed my sheets. They even smell better.

Maybe the global conglomerate has more money to spend on animal testing so their consumers don't end up allergic?

I hope that's the answer.



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