Sour Duh

— How many steps does it take to make one simple loaf of bread?

It's alive.

The internet lacks information. Well, at least I can’t easily find it. More and more, it’s easier to turn to books for a different set of knowledge.

Rarely do I need to consult a book when figuring out a recipe. I thought everything was made available online in step by step form. In making my first loaf of bread, I’ve had so much trouble understanding what it takes to make bread from natural yeast. I found a recipe for Tartine’s country bread on both the NY Times and the Kitchn. It’s the same recipe on both sites but I just couldn’t figure out what to do.

Tonight, my natural yeast starter will be ready. Like studying for a test, I went to Chad Robertson’s book, Tartine Bread, and read the original recipe four times. Ahh, now I understand the two internet recipes. The book includes photos and further explanations not available online. This bread is going to happen!

A block from Tartine Bakery in the neighborhood that lines up for gourmet bread and the overnight growth of my natural yeast.

This is the first time I’m working with a recipe that’s heavily reliant on invisible forces: bacteria, fermentation, timing and temperature.

"You afraid of the dark?" - Sicario (2015)

I guess it comes with age, but it’s exciting to be more open to the less apparent.



Take One

I tried to fake it to make it.



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