Sourdough Biscuits

— A breakfast that rests overnight

Right out of the oven

I went on a food making binge on Sunday and made sourdough biscuits and egg salad. We were planning to visit the botanical garden.

There's no food at the botanical garden. It's within an isolated area that isn't close to restaurants so the past two times my husband and I visited, we ended up really hungry. They have a cafe, but there was always a huge line. Who wants to wait half an hour for cold sandwiches?

Breakfast bite

We didn't make it to the gardens. Probably because I felt sluggish after having the buttery biscuits right out of the oven.

American biscuits are not considered 'biscuits' in Europe. The same term is used for cookies, the sweet kind. I'm not sure what they'd call it. Perhaps a scone?

Behind the scenes: how I made the biscuits and the recipe

Guten Appetit with a side of sunlight (and rings on the table) #theunglamorouslife



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