Snow Melt

— Handling frustration

The snow was so heavy and unexpected that three large branches tore from this tree. This was taken during the snow, before the branches fell.

Last week it snowed heavily. Just for one day and totally out of the blue.

It was beautiful to see really large snow flakes float down from the sky. Although there was at least a few inches, the snow started melting the same day. All the streets were slushy for 3 days. I didn't leave the house and ended up agitated towards the end of the week.

Today my husband and I hiked the Redmond Watershed Preserve. This was the closest hike that didn't require a Discovery Pass, a pass I paid $30 for and somehow lost. I am so angry. I don't know how this pass disappeared from the green sleeve I placed it in. It cannot be replaced.

Lost of water all around from last week's snow melt. The Redmond Watershed Preserve had plenty of puddles.

Why is it so hard to get over something like this? I feel guilty for not double checking the car we rented to see whether the receipt had flown under the seat of the car. I visualize it being there, waiting for me to find it--and I just didn't bother.

It's already too late. Even if it is inside the rental car we returned, it's gone.

"I don't deserve another pass."

The whole issue could have been resolved by getting another pass, but instead, I found ways of seeing myself as someone who wastes money. Seeing myself as 'wasteful', I didn't think I deserved anything.

It's crazy how often I get in the way of my own happiness.



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