Slow Learning

— Savor each mistake

Is slow learning a thing? Can being an idiot, fumbling without facts have merit?

I've been fumbling terribly with sourdough for nearly a year. I could take a class. I could study the biological processes behind yeast development.

Instead, I make the same mistakes multiple times. Multiple bread making sessions go by until I figure out what's wrong. But once I learn, it's much harder to forget than if I had gone to a class and obtained the knowledge from someone who knows. The amount of mistakes I've made, the amount of frustration... I've paid a lot. I will remember. Savoring mistakes seem to have a place.

I've always wanted to download knowledge like how Neo downloaded his kung fu skills in the Matrix. Learning fast, as fast as possible, is glorified. Being in the dark is not.

Perhaps that's why I hadn't tried to 'learn slow'. I think it should be part of the slow living movement but it's probably something modern culture doesn't want to promote. It's not cool to not know what you're doing. It's not cool to not improve. Maybe that's why I find it so cool now.




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