Sitting Back

— A new posture of living

For some reason, I never had confidence in chair designers. I have a habit of sitting at the edge of my seat. I guess it has more to do with feeling anxious in anticipation of what happens next. Now with back issues, I 've started leaning back.

I've been watching Youtube a lot more and one of the channels I recently came across features two twins, the Bella Twins. One twin is pregnant and the other isn't. They both have a career in WWE. After watching a couple shows, I realized how relaxed in body composure the pregnant twin is in comparison to the non-pregnant twin.

I guess when you're pregnant, you have to take notice of whether you're sitting comfortably. There's so much additional weight. As someone who isn't pregnant, I can afford to sit leaning one way or another, sit cross legged or half way in a seat. Exactly what the non-pregnant twin does.

This morning, I decided to sit back in my chair. I don't usually do this, I'm often leaning over things, even if just slightly.

It was surprisingly comfortable. Then I realized: 'I've never sat in this chair like this. Not once since I purchased it three years ago.' It felt entirely different.

I'm starting to experience aches and pains from old age and inactivity (mostly from inactivity). They say if you want to change things you have to break habits.

What would a pregnant woman do? Pretending I am pregnant, as silly as it sounds, may be just the inspiration I need to become more aware of my body. I think I'll try it out to get rid of habits that are the source of my aches and pains.



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