Should I Be

— There are many things I wannabe

You never know who you'll run into

I was on my way to the market when I passed a guy with blood all over his face.

He was pushing forward in a way that said 'don't touch me.' People ahead didn't stop to see if he needed help. As he passed I instructed myself not to look. I was freaked out.

'Should I have stopped? A good person would've...'

The presence of a choice, to ask if he needed help or not, should have been an indicator that I'm not this good person I'm thinking of. Otherwise, I'd be in the middle of asking whether he'd need help. His aggressive demeanor gave me a reason to step back and be myself.

He was probably fine if he didn't feel the need to wipe blood from his eyes.

I was reminded of the time I had blood dripping from my face. I was recovering from a wisdom tooth being taken out and my mouth was bleeding uncontrollably. That was the first time after college I wanted my mom very badly.

Despite the excessive bleeding that freaked people out when they saw, I was okay enough to walk into the pharmacy and order meds. There just happened to be blood gushing from my mouth.

So many similar choices happen throughout the day. 'Should I do this or that?' 'Should I be like that?' If I don't jump into action and have to think about it, I'm probably trying to be someone else.



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