Shopping for Mom

— a midweek escape

Today I helped my mom pick out clothing. It was surprisingly fun.

In the past, I’ve wanted a fashionable mom. Someone who would wear elegant trends. A lot of gray and black, accented with bright solids.

I spent the last few months cleaning out my mom’s closet so I got to know what she likes. In helping her select new clothes, I found no place for my personal fashion opinions.

My mom loves colorful patterns.

I spent the day thinking ‘What makes her feel stylish?’

It was such a relief to escape my own opinions, which are often overbearing. My opinions always need defending, someone is always wrong. Today I tried as much to see things from my mom’s perspective.

I didn’t realize how much the shopping allowed me to getaway from my own head–an underrated way of relaxing.

Usually when there’s an argument between two people, each side is advised to ‘get inside the head’ of their opponent–it’s always treated as something that people are reluctant to do.

I hardly tried it because I didn’t think it’d feel this good.



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