Self Sustaining Food

— Life Changing

My first baby

I can finally make bread. All those attempts I made over the course of 6 months have paid off.

Since I didn't have any understanding of fermentation and bread making, I went through a frustrating trial and error process to learn. Through this process, I figured out the variables involved and I can now make sourdough bread anytime.

I didn't know what was going on, the forces at work were invisible. I mistook the importance of many details (quality of flour, bottled water or tap) over others (development of starter).

Today, my husband and I had our first meal with fresh sourdough bread and perpetual stew. Both of us were surprised how rewarding it is to have a delicious food situation figured out. I never knew something so life changing could come from something so everyday.

The stew and the starter are like organisms we feed each day. Veggies, beans and grains go into the stew each time we have a meal. I'm surprised how delicious and nutritious our meals have become.



Woman's Cave

Mossy greens and stormy lavenders


Sourdough Biscuits

A breakfast that rests overnight

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