Seeking My Festive Self

— Anyone wish they take the holidays more seriously?

I made my husband buy a bottle of champagne a couple days ago.

‘Maybe we can have a glass on New Year’s Eve.’ I stopped having alcohol a couple years ago so I have no idea what I was thinking.

There wasn’t even a moment to pull the bottle out. I only noticed the new year had arrived a minute before the clock struck. I went to my brother’s room to notify him. He was on the phone with my cousin, both totally unaware.

‘I don’t feel like having alcohol at this time of day. I’m going to bed.’

I wish I were a festive person.

On Halloween I told myself that I need to get serious. ‘Next year, I’m going to dress up to hand out candy.’ Thanksgiving came and I planned on making a full menu but ended up making just pumpkin pie. It was so much work I couldn’t do much else. In December, I thought about getting a tree and putting lights up.

Wouldn’t it be cool to make gingerbread houses every year? I’d love to be the type of person who’s able to put in the work to make the home festive. But right now, all I know is I’m totally not the type to make it happen.

Maybe one day.



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