Safe Word

— A helpful tip from BDSM

There’s a feud brewing between my parents and relatives. It’s starting to escalate and I’m thinking–is this what’s going to happen to me and my sister?

Shouldn’t there be a safe word?

At my cousin’s wedding, the pastor spoke about marriage and how it can be hard at times. I remember him suggesting the newlyweds to agree on a signal beforehand, like a bouquet of roses, that would break the tension when things got difficult. It would be a symbol that would remind them of the vows they took that day.

Siblings don’t take vows, but there should be an easy way to de-escalate.

I’m surprised how a sadomasochist technique ended up at a traditional wedding. But I’m more surprised how much my parents and relatives are willing to torture one another without a way to know everyone will be okay.



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