A Ruined Morning Ritual

— Accidental learning

Took a walk in my neighborhood this morning to see what changed while I was gone. My gym got re-branded so now there will be live djs playing while people work out. There was a large poster of a lanky guy with a beard.

I made a terrible mistake this morning. I brewed my coffee with the wrong method.

Right before leaving Seattle, I went to Storyville to grab a bag of beans. I love their coffee but unlike hipster coffee places around the world, this one wasn't using any fancy cones or contraptions.

I just assumed that I could brew these beans the same way I've seen in most coffee shops, with a Hario V60 dripper. How could it go wrong?

"Storyville also brews their coffee differently. They brew their medium roast coffee in a press pot, a method they believe retains all the oils and flavor from the coffee beans." - Real Food Traveler

After my cup this morning, I learned that it can go very wrong. I was alarmed how much of a coffee snob I've become. Overall, it was educational to know that brewing methods come in and out of style and that coffee can taste extraordinary made with a less popular method.

After experiencing Seattle coffee standards, it's hard to go back. No matter how nice the interiors are in nice coffee places that keep opening up, I haven't been to a city where there's good coffee to the degree Seattle has.



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