Right in Front of Me

— keeping things simple

eggs collage

If it isn’t right in front of me, it’s not relevant to this very moment.

To believe this statement, I’ve got to have a lot of faith. I easily get carried away with thoughts, (the news just reported on x, another white lady was mean to a black person, should I attend the next alumni event…), but this morning, I realized that the only thing that mattered was my eggs. I was peeling hard boiled eggs and while so much was running through my head–nothing was more important, more immediate to my well being than these eggs. I had to eat for breakfast.

When I noticed that the most important thing in my life (at that moment) were these eggs, I realized I have the ability to focus. Just ignore what’s not in front of me. Those thoughts that take up my mind space seem so urgent yet at the same time can be illusory in nature. They don’t seem to ever get resolved, some other issues always take their place. There are always ‘problems’ (things that disturb me) in this world.

I’m reminded of breathing exercises in meditation–it’s the most essential part of being alive. If I focus more on just what matters, perhaps everything else might just fall away.



Meeting People by the Fire

talking to silhouettes for several hours


Wedding Cake Cafe

a place for an ideal afternoon

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