Resting Until Next Week

— Post V-day happiness

Like a good Chinese restaurant, romance is a sticky subject.

“Compatibility is an achievement of love. It cannot be its precondition.”

I love how Alain de Botton sets the record straight on the hurt 'romance' has brought to the world. Luckily (for my husband), I came across "The True Hard Work of Love and Relationships" before Valentine's day. By the time V day hit, I felt like a bad person for even suggesting any sort of romance.

The stickier, the better?

"None of the great, say, 19th-century novels about love does anyone ever do the laundry, does anyone ever pick up the crumbs from the kitchen table, does anyone ever clean the bathroom. It just doesn’t happen because it’s assumed that what makes or breaks love are just feelings, passionate emotions, not the kind of day to day wear and tear."

Where is this going?

I'm taking the rest of the week off to celebrate all that's non-romantic in this world. With my husband.



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