Private Moments

— where I'm the only one to know

I was trying out a new recipe today and after finishing I took out my phone. I wanted to capture how delicious the dish turned out and I was ready to send it to my parents. Then I stopped.

I was tired. Every time I share a moment, I feel like it’s no longer mine. The more I share, the less I have of a private life, one that absolutely no one knows about.

I never saw this as an issue. But all of a sudden I had an urge for more experiences where I’m the only witness. I don’t have enough significant stories that I keep to myself.

‘That’s a shame.’

I’ve never felt this way and perhaps it has something to do with the phones and accessibility. It’s so easy to share and I’ve shared so readily that I’m depleted of moments that no one knows about.

Somehow I feel out of balance. Those private moments seem to contribute to well being but I’m not precisely sure how.

So the secrets of this afternoon were kept to myself.



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