Personal Space

— Unstable subconscious

Feeling incongruent like this dandelion on a bridge wall

Every time I walk in my neighborhood in Berlin, I think people are trying to run me over. Whether they're approaching me or getting around me, people get uncomfortably close.

'They're passively aggressively telling me I'm in their way,' I think. But how could so many people be passive aggressive?

I assumed the aggression was the result of living in a city. Claim every inch you can get! Overtime, people become mean.

'I have to move to the country. Look how city living has made these people! I don't want to end up so passive aggressive. It's not healthy to be around so much aggression'. Perhaps where there's more space, people are relaxed enough to give way.

Discovering my need for personal space in my latest vlog

Only after I came back from the States did I realize what was actually happening. Even on the narrowest sidewalks in Seattle or Austin, no one was pushing beyond a certain distance from me. I never felt like my personal space was being invaded.

The difference is subtle. But because I have a larger sense of personal space, the threshold I'm comfortable gets invaded by those who have a smaller sense of personal space. It's appropriate to get that close to me because, why not? They wouldn't feel uncomfortable.

Seeing that perhaps there are no mean intentions, I am more relaxed walking around.

I never thought my sense of personal space would be such an issue.



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