Oyster Run 2018

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Anacortes via motorcycle

On Sunday, my husband and I went to the Oyster Run, an annual event where everyone nearby who has a motorcycle heads to Anacortes. On the highway we rode with many other bikes and passed motorcycle clubs riding in packs.

After arriving I noticed there were many bikes from British Columbia. At first I was confused but then I looked out and saw Canada across the water. It’s so close.

grilled oysters grilled by one of the motorcycle clubs

I’ve never seen so many motorcycles in one place. My husband enjoyed the oyster part of the festivities. He also had his first corn dog (jalapeƱo flavored) as we walked around, checked out bikes. There were so many Harleys.

I’ve really come to appreciate the brand. Harley Davidson has so many logos, fonts, each version so different yet each relates to its brand. It can be space age 70’s or a sleek mid century–I’m impressed by how much attention their is to design through so many decades. The logos are always proportionally elegant whether the decals are found on the footrest or the gas tank.

favorite flannel of all the ones I spotted

You wouldn’t typically consider Harley Davidson elegant. But as I’ve become more and more exposed to motorcycle riding in the US where Harleys are dominant, I’ve realized how much of an American treasure it is. People often talk about Scandinavian design–this is just as magnificent, just as expertly considered. I never knew.

seattle cossacks oyster run 2018 balance

There was a performance put on by the Seattle Cossacks, guys on motorcycles doing pyramids and acrobatics while moving. It looked very dangerous.

Afterwards, we headed away from the festival to go for a ride. We went up to Mount Erie and got a nice view of the surrounding area. Then went to check out Deception Pass and I wanted to grab lunch in a small town, La Conner.

chrome or neon?

To get to La Conner, we had to drive through an Indian Reservation. The road through was full of trees, it felt like we were heading away from any civilization. Incredibly beautiful ride.

Multiple people mentioned Seeds, the restaurant, to have the best veggie burger in Washington. When we got there, I asked for the veggie burger. They didn’t have one but they had a veggie gyro. It turned out to be extraordinarily delicious.

La Conner is surrounded by farms. It’s got a town center listed in the National Register of Historic Places. The place is charming, quirky. I love finding these small towns that I’ve never heard of–it feels refreshing to be in a place so different, new.

Mt Erie view from Mt. Erie



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