Online Marketing as Escapism

— A new trend in escapist entertainment

I’ve been watching Stay Here, a show about renovating vacation homes. Each week, Genevieve Gorder and a ‘marketing guy’ visit a vacation rental. They redo the interiors and exteriors, they take photos and write about the place in a different way so it attracts people on vacation rentals sites like AirBnb.

There have been more and more people making a business off of airbnb but I don’t think a significant chunk of the population got into vacation rentals. The show is on Netflix so it reaches a lot of people and it’s a new twist on home renovation because it’s common to hear talk about how profitable it can be.

The show provides escapism. ‘What are you going to do with the extra dwelling you have’ ‘How do you get people to come and pay for it?’

In many episodes, the marketing guy projects the owners to make six figures.

After each show, I feel like I learned something useful. First, week SEO, buy keywords specifically for the type of unique home you have. If it’s a house boat in Seattle, buy up ‘Seattle Houseboat Vacation Stay’ or something like that. Then I learned I should create an area that is instagrammable so visitors would take photos there and make sure they use a consistent hashtag. (You want to leverage your opportunity, get free marketing from your customers…) An instagrammable space is usually one with a vibrant backdrop or a set of hanging chairs that overlook the ocean. My vacation home should be niche, whether it’s a vintage cottage in the vineyards or a poolhouse in Austin, I need to make sure my guests use a consistent hashtag.

While I feel like I came away with info that’s useful, there are better pieces of info that are more suited to me. None of them have anything to do with vacation rentals.

‘Usefulness is not in the eye of the beholder…’

I’m told how practical this info is and I buy into the practical knowledge…just as I’ve picked up a ton of practical knowledge from a lot of youtubers online. And if you talk to people in general, info on SEO, getting hashtags used, is ‘useful’, except, if you’ve got no overarching plan for people to use it–it’s really not useful.

While usefulness should be in the eye of the beholder, often it’s not. It’s in the eye of what the public deems is useful.

If something is truly useful, the knowledge is applied and used–not discussed or talked about on a tv show.



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