One of those Adults

— so 2010

weeds hard to see

I remember laughing at adults who thought they were hip. They’d talk about things that were once cool but no longer are. It’d be something they heard about much later than everyone else.

Guess what? I’ve become that adult. Now when I come across something interesting and new, most of the time, it’s been out for a while–younger people knew ages ago.

Yesterday, I was watching a funny video by a youtuber who’s in high school. Things I consider cool now is described as “so 2010-2012”. Am I really so out of touch?

Strangely, when I’m around younger people, I want to list all the things I think kids are into. Why is it so natural to become such an adult?

There was no moment where I definitively crossed into ‘not knowing what’s in’. I continued to assume I was young and with it’.

But I’m not.



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