Once a Year Tradition

— For the past 3 years

Lovely ironwork

I never plan to visit the nearby cemetery but for some reason, I always end up visiting each year. There's so much decorative iron work, vintage patterns and fonts. Also, the plants growing on crumbling mausoleums are a sight to see. The cemeteries on Bergmannstra├če are full of 19th century tombs.

A crumbling corner

This red mausoleum above was in the least flattering corner. For some reason there was a clearing--it's a pretty packed cemetery so I wondered how the patch of space opened up. Did they remove the tombs?

Black and orange

I wonder what happens to details like this patch of tiles in a crumbling structure. What do they do when they want to get rid of it? Or the iron door? Some things seem too nice to discard but it seems that they might be making effort to maintain the space and make room.

A window for air?

There's a surprising amount of variety in the details.



Too High

Maintaining a false reality


Palazzo del Grillo

A peachy corner

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