On Creeps

— Things change really fast

Imagine you are a creep.

What if you happened to be famous? What if people looked up to you and constantly expect you not to be a creep? It must be awful to be a creep pretending like you’re not one all the time.

Creeps are a natural occurrence. The media portrays creeps as if they had a choice. As if they knew better.

Isn’t it possible they don’t know better?

When outed as a creep, the public is not as welcome as when others are outed for things like sexual orientation, religion or how poor they are. All of these traits were (and for some populations still are) considered creepy.

Perhaps it’s because the public decides who gets to be respected. Usually, we reward people who are rich, hard working with family values, accomplished…and not a creep. There’s a hierarchy of individuals determined by how many respectable traits they hit.

Someone receiving respect from the public but had hidden the fact they were a creep? The hierarchy undergoes a correction.

“From this day forward, no one is suppose to like you…”

Projects are canceled, no one wants to associate with them, opportunities become contingent on the fact they aren’t specifically the type of creep they are…

All because the definition of a creep morphed. The public decided a certain type of behavior was no longer acceptable. Before, there were so many people who knew things were happening but no one spoke out. It was accepted. Now the same behavior is considered lewd.

It’s strange how people are okay with things one day and not the next.



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