No One Enjoys Diverse Opinions

— one perspective to rule them all

“Is that text worth your life?” A car displays a bumper sticker on its back window.

“But don’t you believe love conquers all?” A person makes a final statement after an argument.

“There are some people who believe the world is flat.” A click bait headline shows up online.

These are just a few ideas I came across. I’m exhausted. Why is everyone demanding others to think a particular way?

I find myself demanding others to think a certain way–especially when I come across people who think in ways I wouldn’t condone.

“That person thinks texting is a major cause of auto related deaths. They really need their facts straight.”

“How is tighter gun control going to address the issue of mental health?”

There’s anger in acknowledging others’ “ignorance”.

Why do I care?

All the debates I’ve heard in my lifetime have been about getting people to see things a particular way. Why must other people HAVE TO see things the same way?

If I’m so ‘right’–why can’t I be happy with how right I am? Why must I have others acknowledge that I’m right in order to feel good about being right?

There’s an insecurity in needing others to change their minds.

We’re all looking for someone to tell us ‘Oh, you’re so right! I wish I had known better! Thank you for showing me the light!’

The last time I changed someone’s mind it took hours. At the end I was tired and realized there were additional issues that would take days to explain. It wasn’t worth pursuing.

Why did I need to spend my life changing someone’s perspective? Why is it such a natural urge?




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