Not Wrong

— moral boundlessness

The Seven Five is a documentary about one really bad cop.

I enjoyed the movie because it describes how much morality can be made up. Police serve the public and there’s an idea that they’re providing something good. In practice, they’ve got to cover each others’ backs. There’s a level of trust they need in other to work in dangerous situations.

In Police Academy, officers are told that if their partner describes something that happens in a way that didn’t, a ‘good cop’ backs them up. When officers get to a scene where there’s gunfire, there’s reluctance to protect a rat over someone loyal.

From the beginning the documentary describes how moral codes contradict each other, there’s no truth to justify. Within the police organization you’ve got to follow one set of ideas that often contradict a more general moral code. Understanding that there’s no basis behind morality–how comfortable are you in disregarding moral guidelines?

It’s a great movie to watch. Moral guidelines are made to be beyond everyone’s reach and the movie reminded me that they will always be. After watching, I fully embraced the bad qualities (impatient, unnecessarily opinionated, sometimes a liar) of myself.



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