Not Stuffed with Food

— no one warned me

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Every time my husband and I get on a flight, my mom makes us vegetarian sushi. It’s got fresh carrots, avocado, cucumbers and an egg. It’s the best thing to eat on a plane because it doesn’t give me stomach trouble as much as plane food.

The day of our flight, I noticed she had gotten up early. I saw a message from her sent at 6am. ‘She’s probably making sushi for us. Why can’t she just relax and sleep in?!’

I was expecting the sushi. But when she came to pick us up, there was no sushi. My mom was up early because she was went to exercise with a friend.

While staying with my husband’s parent’s, I noticed my husband’s mom wasn’t stuffing us with food as much as she used to.

This is a huge turning point. They don’t consider us as growing children that need to be fed.

While it was annoying at times, feeling so full and having plates of food pushed towards you with requests to eat more, I did enjoy the convenience of having food available and it felt like it would always be. Our parents always went overboard.

Not anymore. They’ve moved on.



Varlam Shalamov

relatable to the gulag



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