No Reservations

— Enjoying food shouldn't be a big deal

The number one challenge we face as a couple each day: if we're not going to cook, where do we eat?

A day ago, we stopped by a new restaurant. The host told us they were entirely booked for the night. Although there were several tables for people who didn't rsvp, they were already taken. If we wanted to dine, he recommended making a reservation.

It's a Mexican restaurant. How good could Mexican be in Berlin? The number one thing Americans miss the most living in Europe is Mexican food. No matter the ingredients, restaurants here cannot make anything close. Not only in Berlin but every major city in Europe.

The restaurant is a five minute walk from home. The only time we made a reservation for a place in the neighborhood was for a Michelin star restaurant. I was turning 30.

There's also a brunch place two minutes from our house that I occasionally want to eat at. It's one of the number one places for brunch so reservations are recommended. I don't feel good about reserving a place two minutes away. It's too close to be more than a casual drop in. Prior planning just seems like too much work.

So yesterday we were walking around, getting a bit hungry and thought, maybe we should check to see if the Mexican restaurant had tables open.

We near the restaurant and spot the same host turning guests away. I thought about bothering him again. 'What if we came day after day and he had to turn us away each time?' We live so close that we'd have nothing to lose. If we go enough times, he'd probably help us make a reservation. But if that happened, we might not show up.

Then my husband told me a story about a rabbit who visits a restaurant run by a bear. The rabbit visits everyday asking if they're serving chicken soup with chocolate. The bear repeatedly, day after day, says no. The rabbit continues to ask until, finally, the bear cooks up chicken soup with chocolate. The rabbit shows up again and asks if that soup is served. The bear says yes. In disbelief, the rabbit responds, 'Who would order such a thing?!'

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