New Phase

— Changing

Like stepping into a mysterious door...

I don't know how it happened. I've moved into a new phase of my life.

So many things I thought were entertaining are now boring.

I thought I'd be interested in the latest runway shows, but I couldn't look after glancing a few moments at the latest street style photos. These photos used to be so exciting. Maybe the format got old?

Visiting Vogue Runway, I wasn't excited about anything. My interest was recent enough for me to sense my former self haunting those pages, pouring in and out of seasonal collections. That me is no longer there.

Traveling is another thing. I used to love the idea of going from city to city, moving into a variety of environments. But now, any desire for travel comes in revisiting places I've been.

On my visit to Seattle, I spent a ton of time hiking. I'd never done that when I lived there. There's so much more you can explore once you familiarized yourself with the surroundings.

My husband and I were offered a trip to Japan. All we could think of was the jet lag. Sure, I get excited when I see photos and videos from blogs and vlogs on Tokyo and Kyoto, but not enough for me to physically get on a plane.

The only place I'm looking forward to is Rome. (It's a couple hours flight away.) Although I've covered enough of the city to know my way around, I feel like there's so much I haven't touched.

It took awhile for me to be okay with visiting the same place twice. I'd ask myself, 'shouldn't you visit a place you haven't seen?'

Now I'm totally okay.

Who am I turning into? I did not see this coming.



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